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A Leaf Looking at Itself
If I were a single leaf, up high in an oak tree,
I wonder how would I perceive, the things far down below me,
From my perch up there, looking out intently far and wide,
Wondering whether I would care, for what lies at my side.
Below me I see men, briskly walking to and fro,
A continuous motion without end; a never-ending flow,
Of people always moving, zooming quickly past,
- Simply of life and living, passing by so fast.
Each one looks so insignificant, like a speck on the sand,
But am I really so ignorant, until I mistook their intent,
The rage and the push, the burning desire in their eyes
- The surge and the rush, to achieve something in their lives.
For every leaf is unique, different in its' own special way,
Yet each fitting with a click, together somewhere in this puzzling array,
Of different shapes and colors, ever-changing in the glint of light,
Like a meadow of flowers, growing up (hopefully) strong and bright.
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Lingering Thoughts...
A scream, a shout – loud, incessant and insane,
Uncertain and in doubt, either love or pain,
Rings out and hurt, whoever happens to hear,
This cry which sought, somebody who's not here
For want to tell, alas, never to attain,
The dreams once held, shredded by unyielding rain,
Lying in the drains, no longer feeling fear,
Although it still retains, for many a year…
The anguish and guilt, for what could have been done,
Could there be another quilt – a perfect one?
That dwells in dreams, a tapestry perfection,
A heavenly seam, or devious deception,
'Twas in toil built, a masterpiece by one,
Unfortunately killed, never to see the sun,
And though strong it seemed, it lacked in perception,
For weak were its beams, the end in rejection…
There still lies hope yet, for hope can never die,
No need to feel bad; No need to weep and cry,
Thus not a tear is shed, no drop in the sea,
For why must pain be shared, between you and me?
And what will you get, letting time just pass by,
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What can I say, on this very fine day,
About this smile on your lips; the joy showing so crisp,
Bringing love and joy, to every girl and boy,
This smile so easy to give, bringing another smile to receive.
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And We will Meet Again
Moving slowly both of us came to light,
Both putting on faces, trying to hide,
Not knowing, yet seeking 'twas the both of us,
Each learning to trust someone in this forsaken universe.
Growing up slowly, learning at our own pace,
The time had come for each to go our separate ways,
But when we parted, the other felt a change,
Knowing deep inside that we would meet again.
And the sun rises again, it's another day of work,
A day to plough and plant the seeds for tomorrow,
A day to dream and to forget all one's sorrow,
Thus the wheels turn daily, not missing a beat;
Until one day we realize something's wrong, something's amiss
And somewhere out there lies the missing piece,
To finish this jigsaw, which still lies incomplete,
Until that day where once again, we will meet.
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Get Well Soon
Pills and doctors are a pain.
But this we promise you:
After this brief stormy rain,
You will feel just Pauleen brand new!
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A Poem for a Cat
Dimly lit alleys, clouds unseen in the sky,
Nothing on the telly, so I looked out at the diamonds up high,
Glittering and sparkling, giving out light,
That moment so enchanting – that very special night/
Gathering my fishing net, I went out to the sea,
On a boat alone I sat, just wanting to be free,
I fished and fishes, catching many things in my net,
Only to release them, on that night I'll never forget.
Suddenly a star fell from above, a shooting star indeed!
Brightly flying like a dove, destined that we would meet,
This start so innocent, charming and true,
Like a beautifully wrapped present, arriving before it was due.
But then who am I to say, what was or wasn't to be,
As long as I knew it was the day, when dreams become a reality,
That night I saw a star, friendship blossomed new,
And no matter how near or far, I know that shining star is you!
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Loving and Losing
I have felt feelings such
Feelings I've never touched before
Happiness and sadness in one grasp
Fills my heart to my very core
I have felt the inexplicableness
Of loving one whom you care so much
Unbridled joy and time-tinged sadness
Hand-in-hand with my heart
I have often stumbled lost
Grasping to find the correct way
But now I know it's not about the path
But how you journey each day
For each step you take
Brings you somewhere
You've never yet to partake
But it's always been there
And the wonder of wisdom
Loving and growing up wise
One step closer to the kingdom
Where lies eternal paradise
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Loving Poetry
Poetry is beautiful
For no matters its length
It is true
As it contains the strength
Of what is really you
It is all your emotions
Penned forever more
It is beloved devotion
To bring what's in store
To fluid rhapsody motion
Poetry lets me see myself
And lets you see me too
Who I am and what I am really
I share my life with you
Now do you see me inside you?
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At Peace
I am at peace
For I know knowledge I have gained
That after all suffering
I have not suffered in vain
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Anger may be passion
And passion may be love
But anger brings about destruction
Of yourself and all whom you love
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Thank You Two
This poem goes out to a special two
Who have made my life a dream come true
The only two I can call mom and dad
That is true and remains a fact
Mom, for all the laundry you do every morning
For being there whether it's sunshine or pouring
For all the delicious food you so easily create
For waking up early to prepare my bread
Dad, for paying my fees and giving me money =D
For the cakes, pizzas and spaghetti
For the time I was sad and you bought me a Lego set
For all the hugs from you that I get
Mom and dad, no one else can compare
To the greatest parents in the world out there
And I know I don't say this often enough to you two
So I'll say it now - thank you & I love you
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If the World were an Orange
If the world were a fruit - an orange
We would be less than an orange seed
But who cares about our size or range
For we would all still be sweet indeed
:iconstev609:stev609 1 0
A Reply to Sorrow
Life's a journey
That we each have to make
Where will we go?
Where will us, our feet take?
Look back to grow up wiser
Look forward to grow stronger
Reminisce on fond memories beautiful
Dream of the future which will unfold
But still the answer to it all
Is that whatever your choice
It will be the right choice
:iconstev609:stev609 1 0
Life Is...
Life is a journey; that simply must unfold;
Life is a story; that surely must be told;
Life is a dream; that we try to make alive;
Life is to see our vision made true in life.
:iconstev609:stev609 1 5
Follow Your Heart
Some poems are pages and pages long,
Like an endless, infinite, never-ending song;
But this poem of mine is short, sweet and true,
The truth is that… I care for you
Nothing more, nothing less,
That you understand is all I ask;
Know that you are a dear friend to me,
And I hope we share every joy and misery
For even today I find I'm still amazed,
Looking back at all those days;
Oft things we've done and places we've been,
Birthdays, Christmases and coffee at the Bean.
And now to the future I look ahead,
Trust me Tiff, everything will be great!
Just follow what your heart says is right,
And enjoy every day from dawn to twilight.
:iconstev609:stev609 1 0
Breathe in deeply the fresh morning air
Hug and kiss everyone for whom you care
Find fascination in all things old or new
Fill with joyous love everything that you do
:iconstev609:stev609 1 0


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Stev is a Penangite in his late 20s who became deviant in 2004 but only started warming up... 5 years later. In Stev’s non-spare time, he's in IT business development & contemplating life post-MBA. The rest of the time he's with family, friends, himself or preferably his better half.

Current Residence: Penang, Malaysia


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